Launch of ‘Boatie Rows’

The last boat to be built and launched in Port Seton was 44 years ago!  On Saturday 8th May, the launch of ‘Boatie Rows’ celebrates the return of the tradition of boatbuilding to the area.

Two St. Ayles skiff kits were delivered to the Boatie Blest boatyard at Port Seton Harbour in January this year.  Just over four months later, the first boat is ready to be officially launched on Saturday 8th May at the harbour. A procession will leave the boatyard at 10.45am and make its way to the west side of the harbour where the official boat launcher, Tom Jarron, will christen the boat and, our first rowing team will take to the water. For Alex Weatherhead, who has been committed to this build, the launch from here has a personal significance.  The slipway on this side of the harbour was part of the Weatherhead and Blackie boatyard, from 1957.   The last Weatherhead boat to be launched in Port Seton was in 1966.

The dedicated building team have chosen to name the boat, the ‘Boatie Rows’.   The name comes from a local song, sung to bid the fishermen farewell.  Bring your tissue to wave, and join in The Boatie Rows song on this auspicious occasion.

On the 29th May the rowing team will meet other community rowing teams at the Inaugural St Ayles skiff races at Anstruther and again on the 5th June at the 3 Harbours Arts Festival.


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