The Cockenzie and Port Seton Pipes and Drums did a fantastic job leading the procession down the High Street.  Proud Builders walked in front of their second boat which was decorated with the Friendly Society of Fishermen banner.  There were also elements of the traditional Box Meeting, apart from the rain, with  a stop for a drink and a reel outside the Thorntree Inn.  Fisherwomen, rowers, builders and everyone else inclined to do so,  joined followed the lead of seasoned dancer, Archie Johnston and the expert musicianship of the Pipe Major, Roderick Paton.  Disregarding the drizzle, we arrived at the Boat Shore where the boat was laid on the beach awaiting her launch.  Archie Johnston addressed the gathering and tribute was paid to the boat builders who struck various poses for the numerous photographers. Marietta DiCiacca, cox of ‘Boatie Rows’ was quickly contacted to ‘row it like she stole it!’ across to the Boat Shore to meet the new boat.  Fortunately with a crew of our youngest, fittest and bravest, Rebecca Atkins, Maia Aitken, Kathryn Berg and Eilish Guy, ‘Boatie Rows’ was soon seen speeding along the Forth.  Yvonne Murphy had the honour of naming the second and equally beautiful skiff and so after ‘Boatie Blest’ was named and blessed with a bottle of champagne, she was carried into the sea.  With Team Captain Stuart Mack as cox, the Over 40s Men’s team, Gareth Jones, Andrew Doney, Grant Aitken and Adrian Murphy rowed  her for the very first time out of the little harbour and into the sea beyond with everyone on the beach singing The Boatie Rows song.  Her sister skiff followed her and both boats set off back to Port Seton Harbour.  Damp onlookers made their way to the Cockenzie and Port Seton British Legion which was a welcoming haven of warmth and refreshments.  A great day!

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