2nd January rowing Races/ November Practice in the Snow

On the 2nd of january boatie blest held a Family type regatta where familys raced against other familys. Although not all the teams were strictly familys there were a few which managed to get all 4. A big thanks must be said for the Brash Family! where Shona, Jim, Jof and Nicola all managed to come together. The Doney family Fearons also turned out well with a full crew of related bodies. I think all who were there on the day would agree that Gareth has Johnston blood in him. ( for those who weren’t) Gareth happily made up the 5th crew member of the winning team ( Archies Offsprings). There were rumours that he wasn’t a family member he is actually from wales but this couldn’t be true surely with a name like Gareth Jones?

In November a few of the Silly people from the group thought it would be a good idea to row. Adrian, Carmel, Linda, Marietta and Stuart. For anyone looking on, rowing when it’s snowing is easy … Getting the boat to the sea is difficult!!


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