Meeting on Sunday 20th March

Summary of the meeting

The meeting on Sunday was attended by around 25 boatie members. People have been nominated to take charge of the larger regattas since orginising each becomes a very difficult task. Stuart will orginise the teams for the first regatta at Dunbar on the 14/15 may. Stuart has asked if people who wish to race could notify him before Sunday the 27th if possible, this will give us a good idea of how many teams we will be entering and if people will need to race twice or if we will have to ask if we can take the second boat. The oar discussion has continued with a plan in place which will be conducted by Gareths findings. The wednesday night group has started back again, Any volunteers are welcome down at the shed, The floorboards for boatie blest will be getting made and Boatie rows will be getting a paint inside ready for the new season. All Volunteers welcome regardless of ability.

There is going to be a sponsored row in the Easter holidays. A young relative of Alex Weatherhead is going to be going on a leg of the tall ships race but needs to raise £100 towards it. Andrew doney has been looking at suitble places and will be in contact very soon. We are currently looking at Loch Venachar, which is near Callander. The loch is approximatly 5 miles long and 1.5 miles across. The plan is to get enough people to take both boats and the young relative of Alex will row across the Loch. Some members of the club may wish to get sponsored to run, cycle or walk part of the loch if they feel fit! Contact Stuart for More details.

Other information: it has been noted that several new members have attended in the recent weeks, very good news, Boatie Blest is always looking for new members of any age to join the community group. Although the Club has a large rowing side the Social side of the club and the building side of the club are still very large. You may not wish to row but helping with social or fundraising events or helping build parts of the existing boat or a new boat is always needed.  The club will need everyones special skill at some point!!

Full minutes will be distributed by Email to the club from the Secretary when ready


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