Tay Row – Whitadder

Andrew Doney has kindly organised a row down the Tay river on Sunday 2nd the boats will leave from Perth and Row out the tay with the ebb tide. The launch will be 9:30am at Perth and will take place at the Perth rail bridge slip. Please double check with Andrew First. The out will be at Wormit sailing club, This used to be a rowing club! There was speculation about them builidng a St. Ayles. If the weather become too bad there is another out position at Newburgh. They are another community interested in building the skiff. We may stop there to try to promote the skiffs before continuing onwards.  If you would like to bring your St.Ayles skiff or come along please contact Andrew Doney. ( or secondly anyone at Boatie blest and they will forward to Andrew). Hope for a good weekend of weather.

There is going to be a freshwater champion ship held by the East lothian Clubs on Whitadder resovoir in the Borders. Races will take the form of a 400m sprint, a buoy turn and a 400m sprint back.Categories will be Mens 35+, mens Open, Womens open, Womens 35+, Womens Under 19, Mixed 50+ and Mixed Open. there will be no Formal catering facilities so please bring along your picnic basket.  Remeber to bring plenty of water as it’s going to be a glorious weekend of Weather (fingers crossed) . Other info Contact Stuart



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