Tay River Row

On a wonderful sunny october morning. Okay the October part is correct!  5 of our keenest rowers made the journey up to Perth to start rowing the Tay River. The plan was to Row from Perth to Newburgh (approx 8 mile) and then continue down to Wormit ( another 12). The crowd of 6 met at the boatshed at 7am and travelled to Perth. The boat was launched at the Sea Cadets slipway just up river from Perth Docks. The current was fast and the tide going out so the row was fast. A good pace was kept up and the occasional song was sung along the way to keep spirits up in the heavy rain. The scenery was very nice as the boats rowed down around 8mph. We arrived at Newburgh and met several people who were thinking of building a St. Ayles skiff after talking for some time and eating the picnic we took the decision to Lift the boat out along with North Berwick and Anstruther who had joined us for the day trip. Portobello soldierd onwards to Wormit and was Met by Andrew who had planned the day out.  The day trip was very good and we all hope to do it again hopefully bringing some better weather, and our second boat!  Very well done to Andrew for all his organisation of the trip!!


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