Family Races 2012!!

The 2012 family race will take place on January the 3rd 2012, teams will battle it out in a head to head knockout to become champions of the “jackie Robertson Quaich” which was kindly donated to the rowing club. Teams this year include defending champions Archies Offsprings along with regulars “the aitkens”, “murphia” “Bergs” “Doney Family Fearons” “Mariettas Team” “The jackeens” a newer addition to the family fleet, which comprises of Carmel Daly and her family (who are irish) hense name “the jackeens”. the usual cakes, tea coffee etc will all be on offer in the boatshed and the first race will start at 9am. The course will be the usual looped circuit of the harbour with both boats facing opposite directions on the start line. Everyone is welcome to come along and watch and get a shot in the boats after the main races have took place. happy new year everyone when it comes!!!


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