Boatie Blest Film Premier

Editor and his lady Premier Producer and BBC reviewer infornt of the PorsheThe premier of “Row it like you stole it” was shown on 8th December 2012. Many famous faces turned the Auld kirk hall into a spectaculor event as the stars arrived outside on the red carpet in Porches and other fancy cars! The event was a wonderful spectacle with home made ice cream freshly made and Popcorn by the barrow load – Literally. The film started up and the crowd went silent. until the Adverts started and many laughs could be heard from around the room especially at some of the more authentic adverts. The trailers came on before the film and again the eyes from the audience light up like fireworks as the Doney Mk1 and Doney mk2 were shown. The interlude followed where ice cream was had and ticket money was gathered. Then. The premier began, the lights dropped and the boat was unveiled throughout the next 20 mins laughs were abundent at everything from comical songs to catching people off guard on the regatta day in 2012. Saying to much would spoil the editors cut DVD which will be coming soon. As always with premiers the critics were there to give an expert opinion on the film and none other than the BBC sent its most prized presenter to do the deed this time. Questions followed for the produciton team of Andrew and Caroline Doney, and editor Jean G’erard. They thank the stars for coming out all glamerous for the occasion and took questions. Most notibly not ruling out a question about a sequel! The event finished and freinds began to dance the night away, along with the customery drinking of course before heading home for the night. A excellant night and one to be remembered.

The wonderful evening was made by many people most notibly, Jon Gerard, Andrew, Caroline and Adrian.

Funds were in aid of the boatie fund and will be put to good use in the coming year.


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