2012 in review

The Boatie Year in 2012, What has happened?

Well the early part of the year seen many people daft to row at silly times of day in the cold and wet with the “new oars” Homemade by Gareth, lots of positive praise was heard from them and most rowing between January and April was done using these. A second set was made due to their popularity and practices for our annual regatta in May had begun.

The regatta came upon us in a flash and the regatta season began, 4 golds and 2 silvers out of a possible 6 seemed like an excellent start to the promised 2012 at the Monaco Circuit. No one could argue who looked the best that day! A Revival of cakes and old chums was made and a after party to suit the occasion was had.  A Relay race then progressed as a fun event and positive feedback about the regatta was again on hand. Our regatta out the way where next!

Achiltibuie! – the furthest to go in the race season and isn’t it worth it, better weather than last year and a better race course; a bit shorter but dubious start line! Races were done and many were lost! However no one could deny the ever present Boatie Dancers  at the Ceilidh. A particular highlight of mine; being in a mini bus with 18 people, bagpipes playing and sheep on the road. Where else?

A short trip round the banks of the south side for the next regatta, a cold day at South Queensferry, The usual object to race round was replaced by a mammoth bridge, This made an exciting spectacle but a race which was a bit out of our comfort zone for length. The Tug boats and the RNLI/Coastguard display did however put a smile on even the youngest faces.

The races came thick and fast and a trip to Cumbrae was on the cards, followed by a Portobello regatta, Cumbrae was lovely as usual, Weather was nice, Race length was perfect and the social row around little Cumbrae on the Sunday is a memory to cherish. A clean sweep of race wins and a trophy was had, We did concede we ruined the races for the new clubs however!

Portobello regatta had arrived, a biggie on the Boatie Calender and a big turnout. Our rivals in Porty and North berwick were back and always capable of putting us in our place. We did or best in the long races and tough conditions and a 3rd for the womens open and a 1st for the 40s was an excellent achievement.

Another Weekend, and a 3 and a half our drive to the moray coast to our beloved Port Soy, What would it bring us this year. In the past it’s been a good hunting ground but not this year, With Saturdays challenging conditions and Sundays racing cancelled i suppose some silver medals were as good as it was going to be. Maybe a damp weekend for racing and camping but that never stopped the party in the Boatie Marquee!

Ullapool- Another long trip to the North West highlands, the venue for the 2013 worlds. After a promising year in 2011 only a small number of around 9 made the trip. Pound for pound of flesh we must have been close to winning since we were doing 2 or 3 races each on a long course, Silver and bronze medals were in abundance but can we swap them all for gold next year?

A trip to the Antrim coast called, You best ask someone else who went for most of it but a few memorable highlights, The races were good, Cafe was excellent and Andrews driving was … erratic.

Another trip around the banks of the Forth, this time to Dunbar, A newer venue on the coastal Calender. A tough course in tough conditions, however for once this seemed to suit. 2 Wins and several very close second places ment a good day of rowing. Then, A long race, Gareth, Jon, Lucy and Eilish stepped up, sort of. This race turned out to be more of a battle of the fittest and after a half the race we gave up chasing, Settled for third and sang our way home.

A trip to the Tay, Twice in fact, Once on a social row from Perth to Wormit and once for medals. The trip down the Tay was enjoyed by many and the 20 odd miles was covered in good time and in good spirit. should be on the calender next year. The races at Newburgh were a new one on the calender this year, A odd shaped course and some strong wind and tide meant a difficult race. One the open men would love to forget! The 40s ladies did however beat the elements and bring home the gold, Albeit this time helped by 3 Anster women!

Two more to go. A trip to North Berwick and to see the Craig, some like it some like to see the back of it and some just want to get away from it as fast as possible. A Breeze of wind on the day a a crew from Ullapool stopped the ladies by a few boat lengths. Time and time again the Boatie went round consistent in our position as one of the leaders.

Castle semple – a rare chance to row on fresh water, calm water, 4 feet deep water. Boring? Surprisingly not because the races were close in the short sprints and the starts were immaculate. A lot to be desired! a Win for the novice men and notably Dave who had been 2nd so many time but finally got gold!

A rare chance for a breather and a social row down the tweed. Cancelled the night before, quick plans were drawn up and a trip to the union canal was on the cards, Quick trip to Avon Aquaduct which seemed like you were on top of the world. A broken oar to round of the year! True Boatie Style Flying high and Breaking oars!

Winter season has arrived everything has calmed down and people want to know when it all begins again, Can you take another year at this pace! The fundraisers have begun and the usuals were on the calender, Along with an unexpected arrival. A film night ? – Row it like you stole it.

Shot at the regatta the film was an instant success jean gerard and his production team did a great job to round of the years social events where many Prada, Armani and primark costumes were on show. The Preston lodge build is now a priority for our club, With Boatie Blest needing repairs, Boatie Rows in need of a freshen up a new boat cannot come soon enough. You cant rush an upgrade though!

3 quick stats for you –

17 races won in 2012

Cockenzie are claiming to be the winning side of the town after beating Port Seton.

Andrew and Lucy have won the most races of 2012.

To 2012 and the Boatie!

Stats have been collected for the site for the year 2012, some interesting facts and information is in the report.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 15,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.


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