Festive Boatie!

IMAG0215The Preston Lodge boat has had mixed rates of progress but recently work has been steady and today in a festive light entrance the first coat of undercoat was applied to the new skiff. The entrance to the school has been decorated for the seasonal events and today the builders were allowed in to apply some paint which can be done when pupils are not around (Health and safety madness!) The boat has been built as part of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project and near by community group Boatie Blest which currently have 2 St Ayles skiffs on the water. Experience in the build is coming from some of the builders which built Boatie Rows and Boatie Blest which have been used extensivly around  Scotland to row socially and also race against other clubs since May 2010. If you would like to know more about Boatie Blest, the Preston Lodge build or get involved please contact Stuart or Alex. Boatie Blest is always keen to hear from people who are building boats, starting builds or would like to become involved in the wider project.

IMAG0217 IMAG0216


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