Captains Dinner Report

Well, the waiting is over and the First Annual Occasional Boatie Blest Captain’s Dinner has been and gone.  What an evening it was, with some extremely impressive awards, fine fishy food, sufficient quantities of Gothenburg Porter and topped off with some impressive jiggin aboot.
After a splendid Champaign (Prosecco) reception the 50 august guests descended to the Dining Room for a feast of fishy dishes.  Despite missing the trick of roasting three, boiling three and keeping three back to bait the line the Goth produced a fine meal, which included queenies, mussels, red fish, prawns, trout and various as yet unidentified palegic fish.  Even the desserts had a fishy theme and after all that the coffee also seemed to take on a slightly piscine aftertaste.
We were honoured to have a top table of Boatie royalty, mostly comprising of the Johnston-Macs, including of course Chairman Archie and Captain Stuart.  Speeches were made and the assembled crowd fell silent for the presentation of the much-anticipated Boatie Awards.  First up were the Captain’s own Awards, elegant glass (rudder shaped?) plaques.  Chairman Archie then presented what must be the most impressive cup ever to grace the Boatie Blest Trophy Cabinet to the most deserving team of 2013.  Finally and without any suggestion of irony Mrs Caroline Doney took to the podium to present the coveted Boatie Rowing Awards, the Bras.  These slightly random awards are voted for by a completely random panel of judges using a strictly controlled random set of selection criteria.  All recipients of these awards were emotionally touched by the honour.  More than a few tears were shed as everybody joined together for the singing of Boatie Rows afterwards.
With the serious business of the evening over DJ Doney cranked up the gramophone and the dancing began.  All those who took the floor performed exquisitely, or at least adequately and all too soon the Gothenclock struck 12 and we were back on the street awaiting the Executive Coach to carry us back to our homes.
I am sure all members would like to thank everybody who helped make the evening a success, specifically Caroline and Shelley, who organised and did almost everything, Andrew who blew up the balloons and Adrian and Gareth who lifted stuff.  Thanks also to The Goth for hosting the event.
For the benefit of all, here is a review of the evening’s award winners:
Chairman’s Cup:  
The Woman’s 40+ World Champion Team 2013 (Lucy, Linda, Eilish and Yvonne with assistance from Stuart);
Captain’s Awards:
Most Improved Rower 2013:  Mr Angus McDonald;
Best Novice Member:  Ms Anne Morrisson
Best Senior Member:  Mr Gareth Jones
Best Junior Member:  Ms Megan Donaldson
Most Dedicated Member:  Mr Dave Bathgate
Boatie Rowing Awards (Bras):
Least Prepared Camper Award: Mr Robin Abbey
Best Rower in a Foreign Language:  Ms Eleni Kolokytha
Automotive Endurance Award:  Mr John Curtis
Lost at Sea Award:  Mr Adrian Murphy
Bestest Dancer Award:  Ms Lucy Hyde
Worst/Best Dressed Member:  Mr Dave Bathgate
Total Disregard for Boatie Rules Award:  Ms Carmel Daly
Made-up not actually awarded prize for smiling in the face of adversity:  Georgia
Chairman Archie entertains the club with a tale or two.
Carmel holds back the emotion as she receives her Bra.
The Woman’s Over 40s World Champions calmly accept the Chairman’s Cup.
The post dinner jiggin aboot.
Dave showing off his brace of awards, one Captains Award and one Bra.
Eleni returns with her Best Rower in a Foreign Language Bra.
The Boatie Juniors soak up the atmosphere.
Andrew (NOT a real Captain) presents Robin with his Bra.

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