Cockenzie man wins model prize

boatie raffel winner

When a coastal rowing and boatbuilding club holds a raffle, what else is the prize likely to be but . . . a boat.

Boatie Blest raised money for Cockenzie & Port Seton’s Community Rowing Club by raffling a magnificent model of Captain Cook’s famous ship, Endeavor. Winner, Martin Jones of Cockenzie was presented with the prize by Boatie Blest’s Chairman and Captain (Archie Johnston and Stuart Mack) and by renowned model boat-builder, Bob McNeil.

Martin of Whin Park, was thrilled to win having seen Endeavor on display alongside models of traditional fishing boats at the Boatie Blest Exhibition: ‘I’ve seen these boats at the exhibition during the 3 Harbours Arts Festival and in the windows of local houses. The detail and workmanship which goes into them is incredible so my wife and I were thrilled to hear we’d won Bob’s model which now has pride of place in our window’.


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