Boatie Blest win 6 mile Dumfries race


The third Nith Navigation Race saw Boatie Blest and four other Coastal Rowing clubs race up river from Glencaple into Dumfries on a fast tidal current.

Crews were started at 30 second intervals with Boatie Blest, as most experienced club, setting-off several minutes after a crew of young lads from Annan, another all male crew from Amble across the border, then Carrick and Troon.  A fast paced race tested both rowers and coxes who then rowed a further three miles back down river for Barbecue, results and prizes courtesy of host and organiser, Roy Kerr of the Port of Dumfries Development Group.

Results: Boatie Blest – with a time of 43 minutes – were presented with the winners’ Quaich and bottle of whisky. Also presented with a bottle were runners-up Troon 45 minutes 30seconds, Amble 46 min 15, Annan 50 min and Carrick 51 min 30.

The previous weekend saw Boatie Blest crews take first and second places in Mull at a Regatta held off Tobermory.


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