Boatie’s Year in Review

As 2016 drew to a close, the Boatie’s could be found singing the boatie rows in our makeshift pub (the trusty shed) and reflecting on our year as a club. As we in the boating community all know our 2016 training began way back when it was announced that the Skiffie Worlds were to be held in glorious Northern Ireland.

So through January to March the Boatie’s were thrusted into our training routines. When April rolled round the corner and Boatie Blest’ annual regatta meetings began it was decided that with our tough training schedule it simply wasn’t going to be achievable to host our regatta, which was a notion shared by many of our Scottish friends in 2016.

2016 was a success for the Boatie’s all round returning from every regatta with at least two wins.
Highlights were

Portsoy, in June, was a success for our adored boat. Returning with wins for the juniors in the Under 19s, a glorious gold came in the form of an ‘Anster’/Cockenzie mash up in Anstruthers boat with our two coasting comfortably over the finish line in first place. Who says we aren’t proud?

How could one mention 2016 without discussing the roaring success which was the second Skiffie Worlds hosted by Northern Ireland. Boatie Blest returned with 20 medals and with that our training seemed to very much pay off. The glorious landscapes and wonderful weather made the week all the more enjoyable. Driving on ferries and rowing our skiffs is just the holiday made for Boatie’s. BBQ’s every night and beers on the shore, slipping down that treacherous hill (the unlucky among us know what hill we mean and will clutch their backsides at the memory of the long descent if loss of footing occurred ), and of course the glory of crossing that finish line. The Skiffie Worlds is a happy memory amongst the boating community and will no doubt bring with it many more when we return in 2019. However all good things must come to an end and the Boatie’s all returned to Scotland safely.

On our return to Scotland the victories seemed to keep rolling in, around the country and the Fresh Water Championships at Loch Tummel saw the Boatie’s medal collection grow further. With wins in many of the categories as part of the South East Region which narrowly missed out on taken the trophy for a 3rd year running.

With the end of the season, preparations began for a new training routine to be put in place, the training schedule has now been running for two weeks and so far is a success and of course the Boatie’s better get training, after all, it’s only three years until the Skiffie Worlds.


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