Location – Port Seton harbour



The delights of the now famous Boatie Blest bakers home baking will be available on Saturday.  There are also two cafes very close to the harbour, along with bakers, butchers, Co-op, fish shops and a Pharmacy. Other eating places consist of three Chinese restaurants within 5 minutes walk of the harbour and a fish and chips shop at the harbour. Seton Sands Holiday Park also has its own fish shop and restaurants.

 Boats, Cars & Trailers

Valuable items can be locked in the Boatie Blest shed overnight with boats parked on the road or at the harbour, vandalism is very rare.

Please have your boat on the beach at 1000. The coxes briefing will happen at 1015am.

Turns in the harbour will be decided once the forecast has been given on the days before. These will be announced at the Coxes Brief.


The races will take place around a oval pursuit style course (similar to track cycling) with boats heading in opposite direction around 2 buoys and back to the finish line. 70 races will run on Saturday with the first one setting off just after 11am.


Safety –A description of the course and a separate safety notice will be issued to all coxswains on the race day at the safety briefing. All teams should note that they will be required to comply with SCRA Rules (measurement rules and Rules of racing). Some exceptions will be made due to the specifics of the course.

Rowers should note that Port Seton harbour is a working harbour.  Whilst we expect fishing boats to be relatively inactive during our regatta, there will be ropes, nets, creels and other equipment on or around the piers. Please take extra care whilst walking in the harbour area.

Saturday night

We will be in the Thorntree Lounge from around 1930 onwwards

Race Fees  Entry to Boatie Blest Regatta is free.

Registration forms

Clubs  All clubs are required to register before the day. The club registration form which will consist of details such as: master of boat for weekend; contact number; boats name, insurance details etc.; and which categories the club will be entering. any additional information or questions please ask (email)  Stuart Mack stumack450<at>

Any questions contact club captain Stuart Mack

Race schedule below:

Race number Category North Team South Team
Race 1 Men o NB Vs Eastern
Race 2 Men o Broughty Vs St andrews
Race 3 Men o Anster Vs boatie
Race 4 Men o 0 Vs Newhaven
Race 5 Men o Portsoy Vs RW
Race 6 Men o Eskmuthe Vs Porty
Race 7 Men o South queensferry Vs Foccrs
Race 8 Men o Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 9 Men o Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 10 Men o Final Vs Final
Race 11 Wo Boatie 2 Vs Newhaven
Race 12 Wo Rw Vs Foccrs
Race 13 Wo Anster Vs NB
Race 14 Wo Eastern Vs Boatie
Race 15 Wo portsoy Vs Broughty
Race 16 Wo Eskmuthe Vs South queensferry
Race 17 Wo St Andrews Vs Porty
Race 18 Wo Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 19 Wo Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 20 Wo Final Vs Final
Race 21 mix O boatie 2 Vs RW
Race 22 mix O Newhaven Vs Porty
Race 23 mix O Boatie Vs Foccrs
Race 24 mix O Eastern Vs broughty
Race 25 mix O Nb Vs St Andrews
Race 26 mix O Anster Vs Eskmuthe
Race 27 mix O Portsoy Vs Queensferry
Race 28 mix O Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 29 mix O Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 30 mix O Final Vs Final
Race 31 Wo 45 Eskmuthe Vs newhaven
Race 32 Wo 45 Porty Vs Boatie
Race 33 Wo 45 st andrews Vs Portsoy
Race 34 Wo 45 Broughty Vs NB
Race 35 Wo 45 anster Vs Foccrs
Race 36 Wo 45 Eastern Vs Queensferry
Race 37 Wo 45 Vs Rw
Race 38 Wo 45 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 39 Wo 45 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 40 Wo 45 Final Vs Final
Race 41 Mix 45 Eskmuthe Vs Rw
Race 42 mix 45 queensferry Vs Boatie
Race 43 Mix 45 st andrews Vs newhaven
Race 44 Mix 45 Porty Vs NB
Race 45 Mix 45 Broughty Vs anster
Race 46 Mix 45 Eastern Vs Foccrs
Race 47 Mix 45 Boatie 2 Vs portsoy
Race 48 Mix 45 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 49 Mix 45 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 50 Mix 45 Final Vs Final
Race 51 Men 45 RW Vs St andrews
Race 52 Men 45 Nb Vs Eskmuthe
Race 53 Men 45 Anster Vs newhaven
Race 54 Men 45 Porty Vs Eastern
Race 55 Men 45 Portsoy Vs Boatie
Race 56 Men 45 broughty Vs foccrs
Race 57 Men 45 Vs queensferry
Race 58 Men 45 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 59 Men 45 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 60 Men 45 Final Vs Final
Race 61 Mix 220 Porty Vs St Andrews
Race 62 Mix 220 Portsoy Vs NB
Race 63 Mix 220 Eastern Vs Anster
Race 64 Mix 220 newhaven Vs Broughty
Race 65 Mix 220 Boatie Vs Rw
Race 66 Mix 220 Queensferry Vs Foccrs
Race 67 Mix 220 Vs eskmuthe
Race 68 Mix 220 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 69 Mix 220 Semi final 1 Vs Semi final 2
Race 70 Mix 220 Final Vs Final


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