Rowing Regulations


1.     The coxswain is responsible for the boat from and to the boatyard

2.     Procedure for lifting boat on and off of trailer.  Coxswain or captain should be responsible and issue commands.  Care must be taken to ensure that there are adequate hands and that the boat is lifted clear of the trailer supports.

3.     The role of coxswain is essential for the safety of the crew.  Their role must be taken seriously and respected as the coxswain is responsible for the crew The crew must obey the orders of the coxswain.

4.     Life jackets must be worn by everyone in the boat.

5.     Life jackets must be stored neatly in the boatyard (hooks to be provided)

6.     In the event of the boat capsizing or other major problem, all crew members must stay together, with the boat.  The crew should stay with the boat, even if it is capsized, unless the coxswain decides otherwise.

7.     The coxswain should be aware of crew members who cannot swim and allocate a crew member who will be responsible for each non-swimmer. (a swimmer is someone who can swim 200m clothed)

8.     Children (under 16) may only row/be carried in the boat once the responsible parent/carer has signed a disclaimer.  The intention of the disclaimer is to exclude Boatie Blest from liability in the event of any mishap to the child and giving permission for the child to be in the boat.

9.     There must be at least two means of efficiently bailing the boat

10.  There must be a length of rope securely attached to a strong point in the bow of the boat and capable of being used to tow the boat with the crew

11.  There must be an anchor and suitable length of rope in the boat.

12.  The VHF must be with the coxswain. (BB to acquire submersible VHF)

13.  All rowers must be prepared to get their feet wet.

14.  Rowers must get into the boat in an organised and efficient manner and in this order: Cox, Stroke, No.3, No.2, Bow.  (See nautical terms below for crew positions.)

15.  Rowers must only climb over the bow and walk along the middle of the floorboards

16.  Two people must hold the bow when rowers are getting in and out of the boat.  This will stabilise the boat from rocking and prevent the rowers from losing their balance and standing on the planks.  As there should be another team ready to go out when the boat comes in, two of these rowers should hold the boat until everyone is disembarked.  Two of the rowers who have just got out of the boat should hold it until the new team are pushed off.

17.  Each rower must check their oar and pin immediately once seated. The metal side points to the bow

18.  The ‘beach board’ must be used at each practice session.  A nominated beach representative must take responsibility for updating the relevant information.  This consists of a list of 8 rowers who will take the boat from and back to the shed. If one of these rowers cannot stay until the end of the session, then it is their responsibility to find a replacement.  The names and positions of each team crew must be listed with a time for departure and estimated return.

19.  The coxswain is responsible for removing the floorboards

20.  The team captain will produce practice sheets.  These must be filled in by rowers, specifying availability for help with taking the boat in and out of the boatyard.

21. Alcohol is NOT permitted in the boat, Personel must insure they have not taken any alcohol if they wish to go out on the boat. It will be up to the coxswain to judge this and the Coxswains word is final.

Useful nautical terms

Stern – rear of boat where the rudder is positioned

Bow – front of boat

Port – left side of boat as seen by the coxswain who faces the bow

Starboard – right side of boat as seen by the coxswain who faces the bow

Coxwain – skipper of boat, sits in the stern

Rower Positions          

Stroke – sits facing the coxswain and sets the stroke (rhythm) of the oars for the other rowers to follow.

No. 3 Rower – sits at port directly behind the stroke.

No.2 Rower – sits at starboard directly behind No. 3 Rower.

Bow – sits at port in the bow directly behind No. 2 Rower.

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