Welcome To boatie Blest rowing. boatie blest community group was set up as a club which has built a boat and then are now rowing it. Last year we had much success in many regattas around Scotland. This year we aim to do the same and are always looking for new faces. We have men and ladies rowers from 14 to 74 in the club! This year we are also try to get more young people involved in sport and also push for more recreational rowers who want to relax and look on at the passing world from the sea!  The rowing times are posted on the website and are updated so that there is normally a months tides on the wedsite at a time. If you have any questions regarding rowing or Boatie Blest please do not hesitate to contact:

Stuart Mack


Practice sessions can be found on the Boatie Blest calendar.

The boat shed can be found on the east side of Port Seton harbour. It has a very noticable set of double doors. if you wish to try come down any day when rowing is on and we’ll get you out in the boat.


For People lucky enough to be under 16 there is a parental consent form which has to be signed and the parent or guardian must be with them.

Click on the link below to download the form.

BOATIE BLEST disclaimer


If you have enjoyed a trial row and would like to join Boatie Blest, then please click on the links below and fill out both forms.  Email your completed forms to or hand them in at the boat shed during a rowing session. If you prefer not to row, but would like to join us for social activities such as our BBQs on the beach during Summer, then you can become a social member at a reduced rate.


Boatie Blest application form 1


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