Practice Sessions


(may vary due to personnel)

see calendar for practice sessions

LD = Long Distance      SD = Short Distance

Monday: Women Timed LD / Tuesday: Over 60s / Wednesday: Men Timed LD

Thursday: U18 Timed LD / Friday: Everyone Timed SD / Saturday: Open to suggestions

Sunday: Relaxed rowing

Two coxwains and 7 rowers should be available for each rowing session. If you wish to row then your name should be written on the schedule in the boatyard or the team captain Stuart should be contacted directly.  Please note your availability a week in advance.   The No.1 Cox is in charge of the whole rowing session.

2. The two coxswains and 7 rowers listed on the schedule are in charge of safely taking the boat in AND out of the water.

3. IF you are unable to take the boat out of the water, you must find someone else to take your place BEFORE you leave.

4. Tuesday / Sunday sessions are more relaxed but safety MUST NOT be comprmised.

5. The Cox that is in charge that day will decide at least 24 hours before if the boat is sailing or not.

6. The Cox will delegate a rower to take charge of the ‘beach board’ for that session.

7. Where sessions are set for a certain category, that group will go out first but other rowers will also get a turn.  


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